itel A23S Review- Cheapest smartphone in India below 3000

If you were looking for a great Cheapest smartphone in India below 3000 from a great company within Rs 3000, in which you get a good display, good camera, good processor, and a new stylish design, according to 2023, then how I have brought a smartphone for you today, which was launched in 2023 itself. Soon I am going to tell you the specs, now at what price it has been launched in India, I am going to tell you everything today, now let’s talk, the name of the phone I am talking about is it A23S, so stay tuned With us in today’s article till date.

itel A23S Smartphone Box Content:

Talking about what you will get to see in the box of this phone, first of all, you will get to see the phone kept, then you will get to see the charger, then you will get to see a data cable and after that, you will get to see some user manual.

itel A23S Smartphone Display features:

If we talk about the display of this phone, then you get to see a 5-inch HD Plus display, in this, you have also been given good quality brightness so that you can use this smartphone easily even in sunlight, in this you will get a full display. It is visible so that if you watch videos YouTube videos on this phone, then you can do media consumption comfortably on this phone, because of the strong display, you will not have any problem with it, the display is correct, and the phone is good If you need display then you can take this phone.

itel A23S Smartphone Processor:

If we talk about the processor of this smartphone, then you get to see a 1.4 GHz quad-core processor in it, which is a decent processor, but you can not play heavy games on it, but yes, you can play normal games for a long time. You can play long videos comfortably and you can play high to high-quality videos comfortably and enjoy with the price, the processor given to you in this smartphone is good according to the budget because you get this price Similar processor will be seen in most of the smartphones in the range.

itel A23S Smartphone Battery & Charging

Now let’s talk about the battery of this smartphone, in this you get to see its 3400 mAH big battery, which will last for a long time, watching videos, talking, listening to songs, and will do all the work you need comfortably. You charge it once, in the morning, you will easily get a backup of one to one and a half days, which is quite a good battery backup for a smartphone. Will take 3 hours comfortably and you would have got to see the charger in the box itself.

itel A23S Smartphone Networks & Connectivity:

If we talk about the connectivity of this phone, then you get to see the option of dual 4G VoLTE with the double sim in it, so that you can run two 4G sims simultaneously in this phone and you also get to see the good network in it, due to which You can use this phone anywhere inside or outside without any network problem, so that you will be able to use mobile data in this phone properly, so that you do not have any problem or problem with this smartphone.

itel A23S Smartphone storage and RAM

Talking about the storage and RAM of this phone, you get to see 2GB of RAM in it and 32GB of storage, so you can play more and more songs and videos on this phone without putting anything in it. You can put the required data in this phone and take more and more photos, if you have more in the phone, then the phone works well, if it does not hang, then you get to see 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. This is quite right, according to the budget, you can take this phone in this phone.

itel A23S Smartphone camera

If we talk about the camera of this phone, then you get to see a 2-megapixel camera on the back and you get to see a flashlight, the phone is not much special in the camera because you will take your photo with a 2-megapixel camera in which You will neither get good lighting nor good picture quality, on the front side you get to see a VGA camera, from which you cannot take good quality photos if your main objective is a camera, then you should leave this phone alone. the phone is not good for you.

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