Earlier right this moment, our associates at AndroidPolice received their fingers on Google Messages 6.2.031 and uploaded it to APKMirror. Our pal Quinny899 notified us that this APK is definitely a dogfood construct, that means it was not purported to be launched to the general public. Sometimes, these dogfood builds have lots of attention-grabbing code for options which can be in improvement, and Messages 6.2.031 is certainly a type of instances. This dogfood construct hints that Google is getting ready end-to-end encryption for RCS messages, Google Fi account integration to sync calls, texts, and voicemails, and handbook cloud restores of backups.

An APK teardown can usually predict options that will arrive in a future replace of an utility, however it’s potential that any of the options we point out right here might not make it in a future launch. This is as a result of these options are at present unimplemented within the reside construct and could also be pulled at any time by the builders in a future construct.

End-to-End Encryption for RCS

RCS is extensively seen because the successor to SMS. With RCS, customers can trade media recordsdata in top quality, see learn receipts, see typing indicators, begin group chats, and do extra over cell information and even Wi-Fi. Rather than watch for carriers to undertake the RCS protocol on their very own, Google began to roll out RCS assist within the Google Messages app for everyone in the UK and France. They later rolled out RCS assist within the Messages app for individuals in the US, Spain, Italy, Singapore, Portugal, Argentina, Pakistan, Poland, and Turkey.

One characteristic that well-liked messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram assist however RCS hasn’t is end-to-end encryption, but it surely appears like Google is getting ready so as to add assist for that on their very own finish. The greatest new characteristic that’s within the works in Google Messages 6.2.031 is “End-to-End Encrypted Rich Communication Service message[s].” According to the strings, you’ll have the choice to ship messages with end-to-end encryption or, in case your information connection is poor, with out encryption by falling again to SMS/MMS.

<string title="e2ee_conversation_tombstone">Chatting end-to-end encrypted with %s</string>
<string title="e2ee_fail_to_send_retry_description">Resend as chat</string>
<string title="encrypted_rcs_message">End-to-End Encrypted Rich Communication Service message</string>
<string title="encryption_default_fallback_body">"SMS/MMS texts aren't end-to-end encrypted.
To ship with end-to-end encryption, watch for improved information connection or ship messages now as SMS/MMS."</string>
<string title="encryption_fallback_dialog_accept_button">Send unencrypted</string>
<string title="encryption_fallback_dialog_decline_button">Wait</string>
<string title="encryption_fallback_title">Send unencrypted messages?</string>
<string title="encryption_sent_fallback_body">"SMS/MMS texts aren't end-to-end encrypted.
To ship with end-to-end encryption, wait till %1$s has information connection or ship messages now as SMS/MMS."</string><string name="not_yet_sent_e2ee_dialog_body">This message continues to be making an attempt to be despatched end-to-end encrypted to the recipient. You may ship the message as SMS/MMS as an alternative.</string>

You’ll even be capable to ship your location by means of an end-to-end encrypted message:

<string title="location_attachment_picker_send_encrypted_content_description">Send end-to-end encrypted message with chosen location %1$s</string>

Finally, plainly it is possible for you to to decide on whether or not or not different apps can entry your end-to-end encrypted messages. However, third-party app builders are at present not able to implement RCS support of their messaging apps.

<string title="etouffee_to_telephony_setting_title">Let different apps entry end-to-end encrypted messages</string>

Google Fi integration

Another new characteristic that many customers are trying ahead to is Google Fi integration. Although Google Hangouts is on its way out, it’s still recommended to users who need to see and reply to their calls, texts, and voicemails on a number of units. That may change quickly, nevertheless, as Google Messages is getting ready to select up the slack.

Google Messages Google Fi settings

The above settings web page, as soon as it goes reside for all customers, will enable Google Fi subscribers to signal into their account to sync any texts, calls, or voicemails they’ve throughout screens. Google Messages has had a web app for practically 2 years now, so that is probably the place Google Fi customers will be capable to learn and reply to their texts.

When you register to your Google Fi account in Google Messages, you’ll have the choice to switch dialog historical past from Hangouts to Messages. Unfortunately, you gained’t be capable to sync messages or voice calls to a pc should you allow RCS in Message. If you disable multi-device sync in settings, you’ll even be unable to entry calls and voicemails on the internet however you’ll proceed to have the ability to textual content from the net.

Google Fi strings

<string title="fi_account_confirmation_cancel_button">Cancel</string>
<string title="fi_account_confirmation_change_primary_device_dialog_message">"You're already signed in from the primary phone for your Google Account. To replace your primary phone with this one, continue signing in."</string>
<string title="fi_account_confirmation_change_primary_device_dialog_negative">Cancel</string>
<string title="fi_account_confirmation_change_primary_device_dialog_positive">Sign in</string>
<string title="fi_account_confirmation_change_primary_device_dialog_title">"You're signing in on a different phone"</string>
<string title="fi_account_confirmation_hangouts_cancel_button">Cancel</string>
<string title="fi_account_confirmation_hangouts_description">"Before Hangouts SMS/MMS stops working, switch your dialog histories to Messages
<string title="fi_account_confirmation_hangouts_ok_button">Transfer conversations</string>
<string title="fi_account_confirmation_hangouts_phone_link">Enjoy texts, calls &amp; voicemail on the internet even when your telephone is off</string>
<string title="fi_account_confirmation_hangouts_security">Conversations keep synced &amp; safe on Google servers</string>
<string title="fi_account_confirmation_hangouts_title">Hangouts SMS/MMS goes away</string>
<string title="fi_account_confirmation_ok_button">Sync conversations</string>
<string title="fi_account_confirmation_phone_link">Text or name on the internet whereas your telephone is off</string>
<string title="fi_account_confirmation_security">Messages shops your info securely on Google servers</string>
<string title="fi_account_confirmation_sync">Your conversations keep synced throughout screens</string>
<string title="fi_account_confirmation_title">Sync your conversations to get pleasure from texts, calls &amp; voicemail on the internet</string>
<string title="fi_account_invalid_fi_account">Wrong account. Sign in together with your Google Fi account.</string>
<string title="fi_account_login_pref_key">fi_account_login</string>
<string title="fi_account_login_summary">Sync texts, calls &amp; voicemails throughout screens</string>
<string title="fi_account_login_title">Sign in to Google Fi</string>
<string title="fi_account_pref_key">fi_account</string>
<string title="fi_account_preference_button">Stop sync &amp; signal out</string>
<string title="fi_account_rcs_enabled_dialog_body">To get messaging &amp; voice calls in your pc, flip off chat options. %1$s</string>
<string title="fi_account_rcs_enabled_dialog_negative_button">Cancel</string>
<string title="fi_account_rcs_enabled_dialog_positive_button">Turn off</string>
<string title="fi_account_rcs_enabled_dialog_title">Using chat options?</string>
<string title="fi_account_verify_fail_message">Failed to validate Google Fi account</string>
<string title="fi_current_sync_pref_key">fi_current_sync</string>
<string title="fi_enable_download_over_wifi_pref_key">fi_enable_download_over_wifi</string>
<string title="fi_settings_delete_backup">Also delete synced conversations?</string>
<string title="fi_settings_delete_backup_dialog_negative">Keep</string>
<string title="fi_settings_delete_backup_dialog_neutral">Cancel</string>
<string title="fi_settings_delete_backup_dialog_positive">Delete</string>
<string title="fi_settings_delete_backup_message">If you delete synced conversations, they’ll be out there solely in your telephone</string>
<string title="fi_settings_device_status_unpaired">Unpaired</string>
<string title="fi_settings_devices_status_key">units</string>
<string title="fi_settings_devices_status_summary">Pair telephone &amp; pc</string>
<string title="fi_settings_devices_status_title">Status: %1$s</string>
<string title="fi_settings_devices_status_title_default">Status: Loading</string>
<string title="fi_settings_disable_multidevice_dialog_message">You’ll be capable to textual content out of your telephone and pc, however calls and voicemail gained’t be out there on the internet</string>
<string title="fi_settings_disable_multidevice_dialog_negative">Cancel</string>
<string title="fi_settings_disable_multidevice_dialog_positive">Stop syncing</string>
<string title="fi_settings_disable_multidevice_dialog_title">Stop syncing messages, calls &amp; voicemail throughout screens?</string>
<string title="fi_settings_download_over_wifi_summary">Some video &amp; photos is not going to be out there throughout all units when Wi-Fi is off</string>
<string title="fi_settings_download_over_wifi_title">Sync media solely over Wi-Fi</string>
<string title="fi_settings_opt_out_failed">Can’t cease sync &amp; signal out proper now. Try once more later.</string>
<string title="fi_settings_opt_out_in_progress">Stopping sync and signing out.</string>
<string title="fi_settings_sync_preference_summary">Messages, calls &amp; voicemail keep present throughout screens</string>
<string title="fi_settings_sync_preference_title_synced">Sync full</string>
<string title="fi_settings_sync_preference_title_syncing">Sync in progress</string>
<string title="fi_settings_title">Google Fi</string>

Backup & Restore

Finally, two format recordsdata have been added hinting at a brand new settings web page to revive messages backed up on the cloud: restore_activity_layout.xml and restore_fragment_layout.xml. The backup service in Google Play Services, in addition to the backup service in Google One, can backup and restore your messages whenever you initially signal into a brand new machine. It appears that Google Messages will allow you to select to manually restore a earlier backup of your conversations.

<string title="backup_detected">Backup detected</string>
<string title="last_backup_datetime_label">Last backup</string>
<string title="restore">Restore</string>
<string title="restore_description">Restore your earlier backup. Backups will discontinue from occuring on any of your different units.</string>
<string title="skip_restore">Skip restore</string>
<string title="skip_restore_dialog_message">This possibility will delete your present cloud backup, then backup chats from this machine.</string>
<string title="skip_restore_dialog_negative">Cancel</string>
<string title="skip_restore_dialog_positive">Continue</string>

You can obtain the most recent model of the Google Messages app from the Google Play Store hyperlink under. Note, nevertheless, that the dogfood construct model 6.2.031 gained’t be out there by means of Google Play and might solely be downloaded through APKMirror.

Thanks to PNF Software for offering us a license to make use of JEB Decompiler, a professional-grade reverse engineering software for Android purposes.

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