How To Cancel Amazon Prime In 2022 # Best Trick

How To Cancel Amazon Prime

how to cancel amazon prime, here we are telling you the way to cancel your amazon prime free trial in 2022, there 3 ways you can cancel your prime account.

End Your Amazon Prime Membership 2022

It’s easy to end your Amazon Prime membership or cancel your free trial.
To end your Amazon Prime membership in 2022:

  1. Go to Amazon Prime membership.
  2. Select End membership.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

How to cancel your Amazon Prime membership on

Best hack How To Cancel Amazon Prime

  1. Go to and sign in to your account.
  2. Scroll over “Accounts & Lists” on the right side of the screen to open the menu.
  3. Click on Your Prime Membership.
  4. click At the bottom left under “Membership Management,” you’ll see “End Trial and Benefits.”
  5. The first time you’ll have to click a button to say you want to cancel. At the bottom of the page click “End My Benefits.”
  6. Now comes the second attempt to thwart your cancellation quest. Again, at the bottom you’ll see three options, so click “Continue to
    Cancel.” No pop-ups this time – you’re getting closer.
  7. Finally, you’ll want to click “Cancel Membership.”
  8. Your Amazon Prime trial has now been cancel and you won’t be charged a penny. Two alert boxes on the membership page will confirm
    the cancellation of your Prime membership and the date on which it will end.

How to cancel your membership on your phone using the Amazon

The cancellation process on the Amazon app follows similar steps with the amazon app:

  1. Open the Amazon app.
  2. Press the three horizontal lines in the bottom left corner to open the menu.
  3. click account”
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and click “Manage Prime Membership.”
  5. Scroll down to “Membership Management” and click on “End Trial and Benefits.”
  6. Here you’ll encounter Amazon’s first attempt to change your mind. Scroll down and click “End My Benefits.”
  7. On the second attempt to halt your cancellation – scroll down and click “Continue to Cancel.”
  8. Now for the third and final attempt (you’re almost there!) – scroll down and click “Cancel Membership.”
  9. The Prime page will now display two warnings stating that your Prime membership will expire, and on what date it will end.
    hope our information helps you to cancel your free trial of Amazon Prime membership in 2022.

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