Home News How to earn money from google 2022

How to earn money from google 2022

How to earn money from google 2022
How to earn money from google 2022

How to earn money from google 2022, How can I make money online using Google, here I am telling some tips to you so that how you can earn money on google, there are lots of ways to earn money on google, but here are some of them best method to earn money by google given below,

How to earn money from google 2022
How to earn money from google 2022

How to earn money from google 2022

  • Start a channel on YouTube
  • Sell Apps On Playstore
  • Google AdSense
  • Google opinion. Rewards
  • Google Checkout
  • Google Remote Careers

Start a channel on YouTube:

Nowadays everyone is using youtube, and many of youtube are earning lakhs of money from youtube by making unique and interesting content, so if you are interested in making videos, so start a Youtube channel for making money online.

for making money on youtube you have to complete 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers. this is the first milestone that you have to cross to monetize your channel. after that you can earn by showing ads on your videos.

Sell Apps On Playstore:

This is the second most popular way to earn lots of money on Google, which is the google play store. so if you are an app developer you can sell your app on the play store, and also you can monetize your application by AdMob,

make money with playstore
make money with playstore

which is monetizing platform for applications that you published on the google play store.

Google AdSense:

Google Adsense is a platform that gives you an option to monetize your online works, which may be a website or youtube channel. It’s the official google ads server platform and there are multiple ads network except google AdSense.

but that is not profitable, that give you low-cost ads CPC which impact your earnings, and many brands companies and new publishers also use google AdSense for their monetization.

Here you can signup for Google Adsense

Google opinion. Rewards:

Google Opinion Rewards is a rewards-based program developed by Google. It was initially launched as a survey mobile app for Android and iOS developed by Google. The app allows users to answer surveys and earn rewards. Google Opinion Rewards isn’t limited to Android users. If you own an iPhone, you can also install it, and benefit from the same paid surveys. Note that if you’re on iPhone, your PayPal account is credited, whereas Android users will have the rewards credited to their Google account.

Download: Google Opinion Rewards for Android | iPhone

Google Checkout:

Google Checkout was an online payment processing service provided by Google aimed at simplifying the process of paying for online purchases. It was discontinued on November 20, 2013, and the service moved to Google Wallet. there are lots of software except google checkouts, like Razorpay and many more. this is the process to sell your services online and collect money from them. nowadays there are lots of brands using this service to run their business, and some companies like Amazon, Flipkart, and many more are using these services.

Google Remote Careers:

Google remote career is a platform where you can apply for a new job and there are lots of vacancies as per your interest, and I know you never listen about it, but ya there is a software called Google remote Careers.

Google remote careers click here for the website.



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