iGear Superfan Review – Unique Design, Portable, Light weight, Wireless and many more

iGear Superfan Review

so there is a company named igear that makes a very unique product in the Technology field like they made superfan keyboards lights and much more stuff and the quality of that product is awesome and the concept of that company is making a product with unique qualities well I like the product from IKEA and recently I bought I give superfan and it’s cost me around 2300 rupees approx this is a DC fan and it comes with average an average motor.

Body and Design:

so if you’re talking about the body and the design of this fan so I am telling you the design of this fan is amazing and the build quality of this fan is damn good like the company use premium quality plastic to make this fan and the fan is so lightweight you can easily handle it with your one hand and the fan is so comfortable and portable you can easily move it from here and there without any e extra force

So when you take it out of the box it comes in a very small shape but it is an adjustable fan so you can set it according to you and it is very light in weight so you can take it anywhere.


This fan looks very attractive in appearance, you can also keep it in your room for decoration and according to me, it is a very special fan for decoration.


If you talk about air, then this fan also gives you very good air, you can compare it with the fans in the vehicles, if there are 1 to 2 people, it gives a lot of air for them. In this fan you have been given four modes, on the first mode, it works at a slow speed, on the second mode it works at a slightly faster speed, on the third mode it comes to its full speed, and on the fourth which is thick there it is automatic. If it accelerates and slows down the air in a way, then this mode was very useful to me, here is the fourth mode in which it automatically adjusts the wind, then I found it very useful.

Battery and Charging-

In this fan, you get to see a 5000 milliampere battery and it takes 4:00 to 4:30 hours to get fully charged, to charge it you need your mobile charger which is 10 watts. Because this fan supports up to 10 watts of charging, you get a micro USB cable inside the box, which you do not need to install separately, after charging for 4 hours, you can run it for 12 hours here But those 12 hours are at its normal speed if you take it at high speed.

best buy link: https://amzn.to/34Piuer

I bought this superfan from amazon, this is a rechargeable fan, and it comes with amazing design and great looks, #igear #Superfan

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