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Nothing phone 1 New Update & Features – Nothing OS 1.5.3 Review

Nothing phone 1 New Update & Features – Nothing OS 1.5.3 Review

A new update has come from Nothing in Nothing Phone One, which is their second update so far, the first update is their Nothing 1.5, in which many works, etc, were coming, now they have given a new update of Nothing OS 1.5.3

New Software update 1.5.3 Nothing OS:

If we talk about some special things about this update, then in this update the company did not give such big updates, this is a small update of the company, in this, they have focused on the main things and this is their main security update.

If you talk about this update, then what changes can we see in this update, and what things will be better than before, if you also want to know the complete details of this update. Stay tuned with this article and I will try my best to give you every information related to this update in this article.

New Software update 1.5.3 some special features coming in Nothing phone:

Dedicated game mode:

So let’s talk about the first feature of this 1.5.3 update, in this, we are now going to see the feature of a dedicated game mode, due to which the experience of playing our game is going to be even better than before. It will also be fun and we will be able to run heavily to heavy games easily and on good graphics.

Better App Animations and popup Windows:

Now let’s talk about the second feature of this 1.5.3 update, in this we will get to see even better app animations and popup windows than before, so the experience of running our app is going to be better than before, and even more new ones. We will get to see animations, which will increase the experience of this OS even more.

Improve Fingerprint sensor:

Now let’s talk about the third feature of this 1.5.3 update, in this, we will now get to see even better improvements in the fingerprint sensor than before and will also get to see better security and also see new animations in the fingerprint sensor. Can be found, this will improve the experience of our phone’s fingerprint sensor

New Wallpapers:

If we talk about the fourth features of this phone, then in this we will get to see better screen wallpapers, live wallpapers, and even new wallpapers than before.

Upcoming Nothing Ear 2 Update:

Talking about the fifth feature of this Nothing OS, this is going to be the biggest feature of this update because nothing Ear 2 is going to be updated for their upcoming two, which will improve the experience and sound quality of the upcoming nothing Ear 2. It is going to improve so that the experience of Nothing Ear 2 will make us even better

Better Memory Management:

Talking about the sixth feature of this Nothis OS 1.5.3, we are now going to see better memory management than before, so that the experience of using this phone will be even better and the loading time of the app will also be less so that We will be able to run even better than before without any hang and with this update, the app restart time will be reduced by 35% which will result in less CPU consumption and this will have a direct effect on the battery so that we Will get to see better battery than before and which

Better System Stability:

And talk about the last feature of this update, after this update, we will get to see even better system stability in Nothing’s phone so that the experience of using Nothing’s smartphone is going to be even better so that without Nothing’s phone we can use any hang

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed abnormal appearance of Night Light mode in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed the flashing charging prompt on the AOD interface.
  • Fixed an issue where Glyph lights did not show for incoming WhatsApp calls.
  • Fixed freeze issues during YouTube video playback.
  • Fixed an issue where weather data did not show in the Quick Look widget.
  • Other general bug fixes.

Last Conclusion:

If you talked about this update whether you should update it or not if you should do it, why should you do it, if you should not do it, then why not do it, then if I give my opinion, you should update it because this company This is the second update of when the company is giving update after so long then it is going to be a very correct update and in this update there are going to be a lot of changes in nothing os than before like better RAM management improve fingerprint better animation and many more bugs in this update going to be fixed

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