Nothing Phone 2 leaked: Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 processor, 6.7-inch AMOLED display, and Many More…

Talking about the list of Nothing Phone 2, it has been confirmed that Nothing Phone 2, which is going to be the successor of Nothing Phone 1, so this Nothing Phone can be seen very soon among us, it is expected that Nothing Phone 2 We can get to see its launching date by the end of this month or by the second week of next month.

Nothing Phone 2 leaks & Details:

According to the leaks of Stufflistings, what specifications can we get to see in this phone, I am going to tell you in this article today that what we can see in the upcoming Nothing Phone 2, we can get to see something special in comparison to Nothing Phone 1. How can we see the design, now in which price range we can see it in India, so stay tuned with us in this article and let’s see what’s in the Nothing Phone 2, according to the stuff listings, the details have come out.

Nothing Phone 2 Design, Specification:

So let’s talk about the design of Nothing Phone 2, according to Leaks, which has come out in front of us, then it looks like this in the image, it looks like iPhone 14 Pro from the back side, and it looks like iPhone 14 Pro. I get to see three cameras at the back and the design in which the image has come out in front of us in Nothing Phone 2, we are getting to see the same design as in Nothing Phone 2, now this is not an official image We will get to see the official image only when the release day of this phone

Nothing Phone 2 Camera & Display, Specification:

If we talk about the display and camera of Nothing Phone 2, then we can get to see a 6.7-inch full HD Plus AMOLED display in this phone, and in this display, we can get a 144hz refresh rate with a pixel density of 395 PPI. Now let’s talk about the camera coming in Nothing Phone 2, then in this, we can get to see three cameras at the back, out of which I can see the camera with 50mp OIS, while the front side can see a 32mp selfie camera. You can get a good-quality photo

Nothing Phone 2 Processor :

Talking more, for Nothing Phone 2 performance, we can get to see Snapdragon’s latest 8 gen1 processor in it, which will give us a great performance in this phone, so that we will be able to play heavy to heavy games in it, that too very much. Easily and easily run any app

Nothing Phone 2 Battery& Charging:

And you can get to see a big 4700mAH battery in Nothing phone 2 along with 66W fast charging which will help you to watch videos for long hours and play games even more media consumption in this phone Will do and with this, we can get to see this phone with 128GB variant.

Nothing Phone 2 Network & Connectivity:

And if we talk about the connectivity of this phone, then you can get to see a Type C port for charging in it, along with this you can also get to see 5G and 4G VoLTE connectivity in it.

Nothing Phone 2 Price In India:

And let’s talk about the price of Nothing Phone 2, according to media reports, no official price has come out yet, it is speculated that we can see its price within 39999.


In this article, whatever information has been given to you related to Nothing Phone 2, all the information received from media reports and leaks ​​has been shared with you, this information is not official from the team of techdopes.

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