Pre-Installed Apps Ban: Indian Government Can Ban All Pre-installed app that comes in your smartphone

So today I am going to give you complete information related to this news in this article, why the Indian Government is taking such a step, what will benefit us from this and what further results can we see and what difference will it make to us.

Very big news has come out from the Indian Government. This news, news is coming from the Government of India that whatever apps are already installed free on our smartphones, have been banned by the Government of India. can be banned or uninstalled

What is the pre-installed app:

when you bought a new phone and you get a bunch list of installed apps like Facebook, amazon, some rummy games, hot games apps, so that are actually pre-installed apps, that companies give you after your phone’s first boot. you can uninstall them but there are lots of users who don’t know how to uninstall them, and they and their family members use that app by mistake, but they don’t need that app.

How do they harm phones:

Pre-installed apps can harm your phone by using your memory and some apps are not secured, so there are some data breaches chances. they can easily access your data and sell them, some apps are not for children, so that can affect your baby’s mental health. because the content that the apps had, is not for children. and if there are lots of pre-installed app then your phone also become slower and slower.

Why is the Government of India taking this step:

Now let’s talk about why the Indian Government is taking such a step, you have seen earlier also that 300 apps have already been banned by the Government of India, which were illegal in India and which indirectly collect our data from us without permission. used to leak our data

India is the second largest phone market in the whole world and the Indian government knows that a lot of sources are brought inside the smartphone, it has come to know from the Reuters source that the Indian government had held a meeting in which Apple Samsung, and many more– Many big companies have also joined and their smartphones have pre-installed apps and also such software which comes pre-installed and which ask us for unnecessary permissions to start, which will cause our phone’s problems. Storage & Security threat increases

So now it is happening that in India, there are not so many special rules regarding the security check of these apps, so they can be banned, but there is a lot of restriction on these apps and software outside the country. It comes so that there is not much difference in security between them.

But the Indian Government has given a lot of thought to this and is going to exert a lot of power on these apps and software, now you will get to see these apps and software in the phone of any company, then you will have the option to delete them in that company’s phone. Will also have to be given so that you can easily delete these apps and keep your phone secure so that your data is not leaked, earlier smartphone companies did not do anything.

BIS certification which now used to come with the charger of our smartphones is an organization from the Government of India that checks the software and hardware of our phones and passes it whether it is safe for the consumer or not. and is it worth sending or not

But now this organization will check all the apps and software already installed in our phones so that we can avoid the danger of these apps and keep our and our smartphone’s private data safe.

Why does the company install this app on the phone:

companies have tied up with those apps, which they give you pre-installed in phone, app companies give a massive amount of money to install that app, because there is a human psychology effect when users have already installed an app like amazon, Facebook, Flipkart, rummy account, then they try to research on that particular app. so they accidentally create an account on that app, and by mistake becomes users of that apps, and finally, the app can advertise their product and the whole system runs on advertisement as you all know.

Risk of Pre-Installed app:

Now let’s talk about that when we the consumer are at risk from these apps and such software, then why do these companies do this? Apps and types with these companies or companies say that you install my app on your phone and we will give you their money as example millions of phones are made in India and thousands of pieces of a company If so, if this APP is giving thousand rupees to the company.

What are the benefits of deleting pre-installed apps:

Now let’s talk about how we can avoid these APPS and all these software at the moment, as soon as you have an app that is not of your use or an app that is already installed on your phone, which is not Google’s app. If there is no such professional app that is CHINESE installed on your smartphone, then install it immediately so that your phone can be SECURE. You can reinstall from play any app quality checks OK comes in the Google Play Store, so there is very little chance of danger in it, so we can save our data from leaking and SECURE our phone.

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