Realme Superdart Charging Explained:

Realme super dart is a fast charging technology that realme will be using in future upcoming smartphones, and it will be similar as compared to dash charger, supervooc charger,


so guys finally we got a leak from stufflistings that leaks a charging tech use in future by realme so leats talk about that

Realme Upcoming Superdart technology

so as we see that there are lots of technology to charge a mobile phone like one plus using its dash charge, oppo using vooc charge and also we have warp charge, super vooc so finally realme can soon launch its new charging technology which called #superdart

and realme just file this trademark and lest see when we will see this tech in future, i thought it will be a superfast charging tech like 60 or 60+watt technology or maybe 100w charging technology, so wait for that


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