Mivi collar Classic Full Review | Not Better than any Mivi collar Earphone | 100% Honest Review

Mivi collar classic
Mivi collar classic

Review: Mivi collar Classic Full Review | Not Better than any Mivi collar Earphone | 100% Honest |

Hey Guys!  Once again I’m coming with very knowledgeable blogs for you. Today I,m Giving you a very honest review of the Mivi collar classic. In this blog, we will be talking about the body design, Sound quality, Battery Backup, and connectivity, and other features. Review: Mivi collar Classic Full Review | Not Better than any Mivi collar Earphone | 100% Working |

In this blog, we’ll discuss ……..



  • Body/Design
  • Sound Quality/Mic Quality
  • Battery & Connectivity
  • Other Features 
  • Conclusion 


1. Body/Design : 

The fact that it’s Made In India from scratch makes you as proud as you’ll be showing them off! Its design is much comfortable for your neck and easy to carry anywhere. Its body material is not as good as other Mivi wireless Earphones like Mivi Collar1 or Mivicollar2. Its Body is made from cheap quality plastic which does not look so good at all.

Mivi Collar Classic Body Design
Mivi Collar Classic Body Design

2. Sound Quality/Mic Quality :

Mivi Collar Classic Built with dual audio radiators for studio-grade sound, the earphones have been fine-tuned. According to our Experience, it has an average sound quality,

  • It has an HD Stereo Sound Lossless audio which is for providing us a better sound quality but according to it misses us a bit in providing better sound quality.
  • Its good thing is that it has MEMS Technology. MEMS stands for Micro-electromechanical systems. This technology is very useful to provide you with better call quality and mic quality even in noise.
  • It has a low base in its sound quality in comparison to Mivi Collar 1 or Mivi Collar 2.
  • Its Travels are good but not better than Mivi Collar 1.

3. Battery & Connectivity : 

  • Mivi collar classic has a powerful and very good battery backup. It has 24 hours playtime. It has very fast charging technology. Its charging time is 30 to 35 minutes. You can be listening to songs continuously for 10 hours on it.
  • It has very good connectivity technologies. It uses Bluetooth 6.0 for connecting devices which too good for interacting with every device more easily.
Mivi collar Classic Battery Backup
Mivi collar Classic Battery Backup

 4. Other Features :

  • It has a micro USB charging port which is suitable for fast charging.
  • Its buttons are made from the same quality plastic.
  • The Mivi Collar Classic has 10mm dynamic drivers that offer Mivi’s rich high definition signature sound.
  • The Mivi Collar Classic comes in 6 colors – Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, and Red, and it is available for purchase on Flipkart for a price of Rs. 999.
Mivi Collar Classic 6 colors
Mivi Collar Classic 6 colors

5. Conclusion : 

According to our experience, it’s not a good product at this price range as a comparison to Mivi Collar 1 or Mivi collar 2. You can go for the Mivi collar 1 Or Mivi Collar 2 which is available in the same price range and it also gives you better sound quality and a better feature experience as well as. Mivi Collar 1 also has a vibration mode.

Ratings out of 10 :

Features Ratings
Body/Design 6
Sound Quality 7
Battery backup 9
Building Materials 6
Other Features 8


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