Samsung S23 Gaming Review: Pubg Test, FPS, Heating Test, Battery Drop Test

So today I am going to give you a complete proper gaming review of the Samsung Galaxy S23 in this article. I will tell you whether should you buy or not buy the Samsung galaxy s23 for gaming buy then why buy if not buy then why not buy so if you want to know full details stay tuned

Samsung Galaxy S23 Gaming Review:

If we talk about the details of the phone of this Samsung Galaxy S23, then it is very good to see, this phone is a small compact phone, so that phone is quite right to operate with one hand, if we talk about the processor of this phone About this, you get to see SnapDragon 8 gen 2 processor, which is a very powerful processor, this processor is also considered very good for gaming, if you also buy this Samsung Galaxy s23 complete with SnapDragon 8 gen 2 If you want gaming review then stay with us on this article

Samsung Galaxy S23 Pubg Test:

If we talk about the gaming of Samsung Galaxy S23 this phone, then in this we get the option of Ultra with Smooth in PUBG, as well as the option of Smooth Plus Extreme and also get the option of Ultra HD Plus Ultra, which is There is a very high-level option in pubg which increases the experience of playing pubg games, now we have seen this after playing the game for 2 hours, its gyroscope sensor was working very well, we tried playing pubg games for 2 hours gave a great performance

Samsung Galaxy S23 fps Test:

If we talk about the given fps test of this Samsung Galaxy S23 phone, in our 2-hour pubg game, we ran it at 60 fps, in this for 1 hour, and it removed the game very well, between 50 to 60 fps, then after 1 hour, when this phone If there is heat, then its fps count starts decreasing gradually, it continues to be more or less like this.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Heating Test:

Now talking about the heating of this Samsung Galaxy S23 phone, in our game of 2 hours, this phone had heated up to 40 degrees Celsius, whereas the temperature of our room was 30 degrees, which is a very high temperature. There should not be so much heat when the amount of money we are paying for a phone, that too with such a high processor, we must get better cooling technology in such a primium phone

Samsung Galaxy S23 Battery Test:

So if we talk about the battery of this Galaxy S23 phone, then we get to see 3900 mah battery in it, which is a perfect battery, so in our 2 hours game, it has spent a total of 30 percent battery, but according to the 2 hours game This is a very good battery backup, so at the moment there is no complaint with the battery of this phone, even in gaming, its battery is stopping very well, according to the battery, you can take this phone and play games on it.

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