so here we got a patent from vivo’s upcoming smartphone where we can easily see that a full view display The race to full-screen smartphone displays has given us a number of workarounds from notches to pop-up and rotating cameras and punch hole . Manufacturers will continue to experiment until they can get over the hump and the latest example is a patent from vivo for a quad punch-hole smartphone and its looking strange, and sounds extremely rare.

The first design positions four front-facing cameras in each corner of the screen. We also see two versions with dual cutouts in the top corners. The first one appears to have larger cutouts for the cameras with a black bar between them while the second design opts for smaller cutouts that are integrated with the display. and this is only patent and lets see when we got this in real ,and we also get a look at the back of the device which appears to feature a quad-camera setup and also here is a more design to better understand


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