Top 20 Best Android Apps of February 2020


so here all you guys finally we are unveiling the top 20 best android apps for February 2020. And here are some paid or some free so here is the whole list and if you want any type of app to download then both of links given below

1.Nova Launcher:

Nova Launcher

so if you are bored with your current theme or launcher them it could be the best option for you to give your smartphone a better look and its menu and layouts look very interesting and this is the first app for this series Top 30 Best Android Apps

Download Nova Launcher Click here

2. Gallery Go by Google Photos:

Gallery go by Google

so those who are using an android one devices so there is a big problem that they don’t have a gallery-like view although they have google photos that are too big, so if you want a apps that give your photos in looks a gallery and you don’t want to install any unknown application so here this app is for you. Because this is the official Google app. and this the 2nd app of Best Android apps series

Download Gallery Go Click here

3.Google Translator:

Google Translator

so now this is a very important app that every android user have to install in their android phones and that person who want to read any other language article, blog or anything in your own language then this app is totally free and very useful for this and also this is app by Google so you can blindly trust on it, and you can change any type of language in which language that you want. and this the 3rd app of Best Android apps series

Click here to download Google translator

4. Google Docs

best android apps
Google Docs

About Google Docs app then this app I think everyone should have to use if you want any software that helps you to make a document and the PDF file and IT office stuff then you can use Google docs. and this the 4th app of Best Android apps series

Download Google Docs App Here

5. Google Keyboard:

Google Keyboard

If you are using any smartphone like Xiaomi, Realme, and any other, btw these are most selling smartphone with ads, but jokes apart, they are good brands and yaa if you want a unique and simple keyboard then use Google Keyboard. and trust me this would make you feel awesome. and this the 5th app of Best Android apps series

Download Google keyboard here

6. 1Weather

1 Weather

if you want something different in the weather apps so it would give you better output. It shows your current weather and forecasts for up to 12 weeks. and although it is paid but the almost free version is better, and this the 6th app of Best Android apps series

Download 1 Weather app Here


Bouncer App

so here is the most loving app for me and it could be for you also, so if you want that nobody apps use your permission in the background, so this may be helpful for you to stop background access of permissions, and yaa this is paid app. and this the 8th app of Best Android apps series

Download Bouncer App

8. LastPass Password Manager:

Last pass

so this is the best app for those people who forgot their password and want to manage their password, and if you are the one, who use most apps and keep login in so much app then try this now. and this the 9th app of Best Android apps series

Download Lastpass App Here

10. Podcast Addict:

Podcast Addict

so if you are those guy who wants to listen to the podcast every time and want to it anywhere, so I think there are most of the problem is that your app won’t have more content, so this would solve your has lots of content and it supports also Chromecast ans SONOS along with Android auto. and this the 10th app of Best Android apps series

Download Podcast App Here

11. Puls SMS:

according to the name it looking like an SMS app, so ya this an SMS app which controls your tons of SMS, and yaa this has a better UI and customizable. the theme also and support gif feature as well. and this app also offers you messaging on desktop, so yaa that’s sounds Good. and this the 11th app of Best Android apps series

Download Pulse App here

12. Solid Explorer:

solid explore is an app which you can use for managing your file but wait a minute it also has some unique feature which I am talking about, it has multiple format support like FTP, SFPT, WebDav, and SMB/CIFS.and yaa it also has a fingerprint lock, and its is very helpful feature if you phone don’t have a fingerprint support file manager. and this the 12th app of Best Android apps series

Download Solid Explorer Here

13. Swift Key:

So the swift key is a third party application that provided you a unique type of has some cool theme and unique gif and many more things so if you are using this app so let us know in the comment section below and if you don’t then why should you not try this. and this the 13th app of Best Android apps series

Download Swift Key Here

14. Zedge

Zedge App

So if we talking about this app, so ya this is a combo app and it has many new wallpapers, new theme, and also new ringtones, so ya this is a combo pack for your smartphones, so ya I try this app and I loved it so much, and it also has live wallpaper. and this the 14th app of Best Android apps series

Download Zedge App Here

15. Glitch Lab

So ya if you want this type of photos like glitch effect so you can download this app and create some more stunning shots from this Glitch app and apply on any image that looks more better in gitch effect and this the 15th app of Best Android apps series

Download Glitch Effect Here

16. Doodle Lens:

Doodle Lense

So if you are doodle lover and want to make a different type of doodle and capture them then this app would help you to make awsome doodle in front of you, and ya you can change colour, and they are looking feel you better, and this is the 16th app of Best Android Apps Series.

Download Doodle App Here

17. Scribble

So I think you all using tiktok app and you all want this type of video like the glowing effect so if we taking about this app then you can do this on premiere pro but if you are using this app you could make is so simple. and it is the best android app as I think who want perfect video editing.

Download Scribble App Here

18. Photo Watermark

Best Android Apps

so if you want any type of watermark on your pictures then you should try this one, because in this you can add any type watermark like your name, your image as png. and this the 18th app of Best Android apps series

Download Watermark app here

19. Background Eraser:

so background eraser is the most useful application for every photo editor and it is much better other than apps because its quality is a damn good pixel is not destroyed and gives you a better quality output, and this is the 19th app of our Best Android App Series

Download Background Eraser here

20. Spotify:

A smartphone is seen in front of a screen projection of Spotify logo, in this picture illustration taken April 1, 2018. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration

Spotify is most using the application and if we talking about this then I also use it so much and seriously I like it other than apps because it has a unique and premium background and sound quality is so awesome. so I think you should try this one, and final this the last app of Best Android App series

Download Spotify Here

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