WhatsApp is coming in its own disappearing message feature, this is how it will work

WhatsApp may soon release a new feature in the final build under which Disappearing Messages will be introduced for the group.
The feature of delete message has been seen in WhatsApp Beta version 2.19.348 for Android and it has already been given in the beta version of iOS. But the need to understand is what does this Disappearing Messages feature do.

Whatsapp has a feature Delete for everyone – Under this feature you can recall the sent message after some time. But the feature of Disappearing Messages is different from this. Under this, messages sent in a time frame will disappear by themselves.

For the deleted message, you can decide the hour, day, week, month and year – these will be given the option. After setting, the message will disappear by itself. At the moment it is not clear when this feature company will give in the final build.


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